Contribute to Family Prosperity-Join Moore Extension & Community Association

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The North Carolina Extension & Community Association (NCECA) is a rich organization with a magnificent record of accomplishments for the people of North Carolina. NCECA is one of the major outreach components of North Carolina Cooperative Extension (NCCE), and has been a strong advocate for the state’s two land grant universities, North Carolina State University and North Carolina A&T State University. As an outgrowth of the Home Demonstration Clubs established in the early 1900’s in partnership with the Cooperative Extension Service, the NCECA has led to the development of strong communities throughout North Carolina. With a strong emphasis on education and service, NCECA has and continues to make a difference in the lives of youth and adults by significantly impacting and improving family life, education, health, nutrition, civic engagement and community development. Because of their efforts, many North Carolina communities have public libraries, community centers, county art councils and many other institutions that have enriched the lives of all North Carolinians. Because of their leadership and support at the community level, NCCE is able to empower of millions of North Carolinians by providing sustainable life solutions everyday.

The historic support of NCECA is valued today more than ever. Issues facing families today matter as much in this century as they did in the last. For this reason, NCECA needs volunteer members today as much as ever. By joining or starting a new local NCECA club you will help the Cooperative Extension Service in its on-going efforts to provide research-based solutions to families and communities that improve the quality of life for the way we live work and play in Moore County. To find out more about becoming part of NCECA and joining a local Moore County club contact Deborah McGiffin, Moore County Extension Director at 910- 947-3188 or