Local Meat Producers Fill the Gap

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A shopper picks over the few items remaining in the meat section, as people stock up on supplies amid coronavirus fears, at an Austin, Texas, grocery store on March 13, 2020. REUTERS/Brad Brooks

Because COVID-19 has caused customer panic, leaving grocery store shelves bare, NC Choices, a program of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems and Cooperative Extension, rolled it out MeatSuite, an online directory of farms across the state that sell meat in bulk directly to consumers, from 10-pound boxes of hamburger to whole animals.

At the MeatSuite website, visitors can search for farms that sell particular types of meat within 25 to 100 miles of their home ZIP code. In addition to products, listings include information about how animals are raised, which producers have specialty or heritage breeds and which have animal welfare certifications or meet dietary standards. MeatSuite links to farm websites for additional details and purchasing information. A “learn more” section explains commonly used terms and measurements.

Go to MeatSuite today and find a meat producer near you.