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Eureka Extension Club

I found that teaching people how to cook, sew, or improve the home was not dependent upon what was recognized as standard equipment. Much could be done through the exercise of good hard common sense and the ability to recognize usable substitutes in the things at hand.

I was told by a good sociologist friend not to be disappointed if adults did not prove to be interested in the home demonstration program. But this pronouncement was wrong. By 1916 farm women had taken the bit in their teeth and were running away with the experience of learning to do things through seeing them done; for the chance to produce an income that would furnish them with things they had so long desired; ad for an outlet through which they could express themselves and get recognition from others for what they had done. All of these things that satisfied fundamental urges, and I believe they furnish a solid foundation upon which a successful work for any group of human beings may be built.

~Jane S. McKimmon

The Moore County Eureka Extension Club meets every month. Call the Moore County Extension office to learn more (910) 947-3188.